Effective Teamworking

Effective teams are the building blocks of successful organisations, so it’s vital that they are balanced, focused and cohesive. Team Effectiveness helps teams to find their balance and give their best performance, even during the most difficult times.

Defining moments

Every team has these moments, for example when they experience a change of leadership or teams merge. Insights Discovery can help successful teams shine by maximising their true potential and to prepare them to make the most of opportunities when they come along. It also helps teams in difficulty improve their dynamics enabling them to effectively meet challenges.

Insights Team Effectiveness provides a framework and analysis to identify the most pressing issues, to diagnose and confront problems, to improve relationships, inspire success and improve productivity.

How it works

Each team member receives an Insights Discovery Personal Profile to help them appreciate the unique value they bring to the team. The team then works with this information to understand what these means for the team, its strengths and weakness and how to leverage and manage these for success. Team sessions are normally held in your workplace or a preferred venue. Likewise we can also recommend a network of suitable venues across the UK.

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Meet the Directors

Mick Lightfoot

The Director of Colourful Solutions and will provide the individual Insights profiles which provide a common thread throughout the modules making up the programme.

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Kaz Kaczmarczyk

As the co-director, Kaz is an experienced and influential multi-site Commercial and Operational Senior Executive, Performance Coach and Leadership Development expert.

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