One to One Coaching

Coaching is about change and about results. It uses a process and tools that support the individual to do their best thinking so that they quickly achieve the outcomes they desire.

Leadership coaching is about helping leaders at all levels to enhance their performance and effectiveness so that they fulfill their own potential, the potential of their teams and ultimately the potential of their organisations.

Working as a partnership of equals, the coach and their client, and sometimes the coaching sponsor (e.g. the clients’ manager) will set the goals and outcomes that the coaching aims to deliver. The coach and client then work together to deliver these outcomes. Coaching conversations are confidential but if there is a third party sponsor they will need information to demonstrate that outcomes have been achieved.

The role of the coach is to use tools and techniques such as questioning, feedback, listening, visualisation and diagnostics to support the client in reaching their goals.

The role of the client is to bring the agenda, to attend the coaching sessions and to follow through on the actions that they set for themselves.

All of our Associates at Colourful Solutions offer sets of Coaching at all levels of leadership starting with a free face to face consultation. We are very flexible with the number of sessions and timescales, working with the client specific needs at all times.

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Meet the Directors

Mick Lightfoot

The Director of Colourful Solutions and will provide the individual Insights profiles which provide a common thread throughout the modules making up the programme.

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Kaz Kaczmarczyk

As the co-director, Kaz is an experienced and influential multi-site Commercial and Operational Senior Executive, Performance Coach and Leadership Development expert.

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